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Deep AWS integrations and out-of-the-box content for unified visibility of AWS services and lightning fast troubleshooting

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Centralize AWS infrastructure data

Unified visibility across key AWS services such as EC2, ECS, RDS, ElastiCache, API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, Application ELB and Network ELB. Easily navigate from overview dashboards into account, region, availability zone, or service specific views. Intuitive navigation ensures teams can quickly resolve issues, minimize downtime, and improve performance.

Find what you need fast

Scale, performance and security

“Sumo Logic’s AWS Observability Solution is providing the real-time insights and intelligence across our platform to operate at speed and scale, while protecting our customer data.”


Jem Walters

Co-founder and CTO

Transform your workflow

Troubleshooting happens faster with improved AWS monitoring and Root Cause Explorer

Visualize anomalous events of interest across multiple AWS infrastructure services to quickly identify the root cause of application incidents. Sumo Logic’s Root Cause Explorer monitors AWS resources establishing an activity baseline and surfaces high deviation events. Cut down issue resolution time with seamless visibility into impacted services.

Transform your workflow

Less time setting up. More time for you.

Rev up AWS monitoring with simplified setup, automated data tagging, and out of the box dashboards and alerts

Get data flowing into Sumo Logic in few minutes with automated setup options via AWS CloudFormation or Terraform. Sumo Logic tags data with the AWS account, region, namespace, and availability zone to provide context and enable users to pivot between critical log and metric data. Prebuilt dashboards and alerts customized for each service provide the most important AWS cloud monitoring data out of the box.

Less time setting up. More time for you.

Peace of mind with global benchmarking

Out-of-the-box benchmarks for AWS via Global Intelligence Service

With the Global Intelligence Service for AWS CloudTrail, enterprises can also benchmark the behavior or their own usage of many of these services against AWS peer user groups to ensure efficiency, detect misconfigurations and security exposure.

Peace of mind with global benchmarking

Accelerate your AWS migration

Full support for AWS cloud services and on-premise infrastructure in a single platform. Adopt the latest microservices technologies with confidence using Sumo Logic’s native integrations for Kubernetes, Docker, AWS EKS, and AWS Lambda.