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Cloud Migration

Fast and secure cloud migration

Sumo Logic delivers critical data insights to help you confidently plan, cutover, and optimize your cloud-based services.

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Don’t let cloud migration slow you down

Enterprises face several challenges when migrating to the cloud, including the need to keep services running smoothly while shifting to hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

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Missed deadlines

By using legacy tools and processes incompatible with cloud environments, migration teams struggle to quickly stand-up and prepare a well-managed cloud infrastructure for application migration.

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Cloud performance degradation

Whether you’re doing a lift and shift migration or re-architecting your applications for the cloud, setting up KPIs to ensure optimal performance across hybrid cloud and on premise environments is complex, making it hard to recognize performance degradation.

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Frequent service outages

Traditional, siloed processes for monitoring and logging lack scalability, and are not well integrated into the cloud stack, resulting in frequent outages and slow incident resolution that risks your end-user experience.

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Cloud security gaps

While organizations embrace cloud migrations to advance their business, traditional security tools and processes lack the ability to securely enable these initiatives, leaving dangerous blindspots.

Boost your cloud migration

Migrate critical business application workloads to the cloud to improve agility, operational resilience, workforce productivity and cost efficiency.

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Fast and secure cloud migrations

Out-of-the-box service maps and cloud performance dashboards offer real-time insights into the health and dependencies of your microservices and modern application architecture.

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Plan with data-driven insights

Automatically build a high-quality and real-time model of applications and their dependencies with the data-driven insights you need to lay the foundation for your cloud migration.

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Release cloud apps with conviction

Easily create custom application KPIs from structured and unstructured logs, traces, and metrics. Instantly compare how applications perform in an on-premise versus a cloud environment, to optimize applications before pushing them into production.


Benchmark and optimize cloud systems

By using golden-signal benchmarks against popular stacks, migration teams gain insight into performance, usage patterns, and best practices, including actionable recommendations.

Cloud migration at scale

For more than a decade, enterprises have been relying on Sumo Logic to successfully migrate their critical business application workloads to the cloud across a variety of platforms.

Multi-cloud monitoring

Metrics Overview

Unify and monitor your logs, metrics, and traces from your multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

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Application observability

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Our integrated observability platform provides visibility for all your applications—across logs, metrics, and traces—during the entire migration lifecycle to solve issues faster.

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Most comprehensive security portfolio

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Modernize your security operations with cloud-based solutions that help you maintain infrastructure visibility during migration, access real-time insights and stay ahead of rapidly evolving threats.

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Compliance at cloud scale

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Decrease the risk of a security breach with compliance-ready solutions to support your digital services running in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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Sumo Logic cloud migration capabilities

Whether it’s AWS, Azure or GCP, Sumo Logic provides full-stack observability at scale and deep security insights for digital services across cloud platforms.

Cloud-native architecture

Cloud-native architecture

Sumo Logic makes it fast and easy to manage an organization’s cloud migration projects—from lift and shift to re-architecture and anything in between.

Service map & dashboards

Service map & dashboards

Out-of-the-box service maps and cloud performance dashboards offer real-time insights into the health and dependencies of your microservice and app architecture.

DevSecOps lifecycle

DevSecOps lifecycle

Automate and observe end-to-end application lifecycle processes across your supply chain, from development, to operations and security.

Global Intelligence for cloud confidence

Global Intelligence for cloud confidence

Compare web server and user activity patterns against other Sumo Logic customers' servers. Diagnose potential load, throughput or error issues in clusters to avoid operational incidents.

Boost your cloud migration

Our world-class partner ecosystem will help you onboard solutions with expertise to help you fuel your migration.