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Get the most out of Prometheus and let Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform™ fill in the gaps

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Data aggregation

Seamlessly aggregate Prometheus data across instances, eliminating data silos and simplifying management overhead.

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Data retention

Not sure what data you'll need? Bucket high demand data for real-time monitoring and keep the rest for a rainy day.

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Global visibility

Even though you have multiple instances doesn't mean you have to look at your data that way. Aggregate data up or easily drill down with hierarchical navigation.

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Ease of management

Scale your deployment without scaling your team. Sumo Logic scales on-demand to support rapid and elastic growth.

Prometheus without the hassle

“Sumo Logic doesn't mess with my Prometheus data but makes it easy to aggregate and access.”


Stephany Spencer

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Simplified Prometheus management for cloud-scale

Faster troubleshooting with the correlation of metrics, logs, and events

Faster troubleshooting with the correlation of metrics, logs, and events

Visibility of one without the other provides you with incomplete data. You need both logs and metrics to troubleshoot application issues quickly and efficiently. Sumo Logic enables users to view, filter, and report logs and metrics in one dashboard, as well as overlaying log activity over metrics.

“Adoption of the Sumo Logic platform across our organization has quickly grown helping us to move and operate with a more focused DevSecOps approach.”

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Fully hosted for a dramatically reduced TCO

Fully hosted for a dramatically reduced TCO

Running Prometheus in a highly available and scalable way requires a significant investment of time and engineering talent. Sumo Logic enables companies to focus on projects that contribute to their core business instead of putting resources towards managing support systems.

“With Sumo Logic, it’s like somebody took the blindfold off, and we could see what was potentially impacting our business.”

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Simplified data aggregation growing Prometheus deployments

Simplified data aggregation growing Prometheus deployments

Adding additional Prometheus servers solves one problem but creates data silos and visibility gaps. Sumo Logic simplifies data aggregation enabling global visibility, simplified querying, and faster troubleshooting.

“Sumo Logic is instrumental in helping our DevOps team streamline our alerting and incident management process to reduce downtime issues.”

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Turn Prometheus up to 11

Get the easy button for scaling your Prometheus data.

Metrics Data aggregation Data retention