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Why is Sumo Logic a better alternative than Splunk?

Get the reliability and rich insights you need to securely build and run all your digital services.

Sumo Logic Splunk
Unified cloud-native platform
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Get real-time insights from Sumo Logic’s single, unified cloud-native platform across all your DevOps and SecOps use cases.

Splunk consists of legacy and multiple (5+) siloed products for observability and security, escalating the cost and complexity of Splunk deployments.

Dynamic scalability
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There are no scalability limits on the Sumo Logic multi-tenant platform. It instantly scales each component of the architecture up or down to meet customer demand.

Splunk Cloud is a single-tenant lift-and-shift version of its on-prem Enterprise solution, requiring additional provisioning at additional cost for ingesting and searching at scale, including real-time search.

Robust, out-of-the-box security
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Sumo Logic’s compliance-ready solution comes standard with key attestations and security features, such as encryption-at-rest at no additional cost.

SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS 3.2, Privacy Shield, CSA Star & HIPAA certifications, FedRAMP-Moderate Authorized, ISO 27001

Pay more for encryption-at-rest (keys only rotate every six months), PCC and HIPAA-certified cloud environments.

Easy to set up and use
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Sumo Logic increases time-to-value by allowing customers to add users, data and third-party integrations themselves with an intuitive UI—no tickets required.

Splunk’s complex setup requires users to open a support ticket for basic configurations like installing specific apps, enabling real-time search & making administrative changes.

Free training and support
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All beginner and advanced training and certification for observability and security solutions are free. Comprehensive enterprise support is available for all users.

With Splunk, you need to pay for all training and certification modules.

Flexible, cost-efficient pricing
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Sumo Logic’s credits-based licensing is based on average monthly data ingest, supporting 30% more data than models based on daily peaks. Data tiering enables cloud-scale economics by using all relevant telemetry cost-effectively.

Splunk’s compute resource-based licensing significantly handicaps customers. Under provision and you run into significant performance problems in terms of concurrent searches and users. Because Splunk requires multiple products the overall price adds up quickly.

Switching from Splunk to Sumo Logic

"We had a Splunk Cloud instance. For it being a cloud solution, there was a lot of manual work on the backend that we were still responsible for doing.

Sumo has taken our security game to the next level. It’s allowed me to get some time back in my day to explore other avenues in the realm of security that allow us to only strengthen our stance.”

Owen Dubiel, Information Security Engineer, North American Bancard

Switching from Splunk to Sumo Logic

“We found the UI itself to be really easy to use. And most important to us was the fact that all of the components necessary to collect all our data and get it into Sumo Logic were already packaged and ready to go for us.”




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