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GCP Management

Unlock your Multi-Cloud Strategy

Sumo Logic enables you to support GCP and multi-cloud

Ensure exceptional customer experience by eliminating application downtime. Secure apps with built-in machine-learning and simplify compliance requirements.


Full Google Cloud Platform visibility

Eliminate blind spots with full support for GCP apps, services, modern architectures and integration with your favorite tools.


App and infrastructure performance

Identify critical GCP application problems proactively by easily correlating performance issues with errors and failures. Get to the root cause quickly with pattern detection using machine-learning.

Secure By Design

Security & compliance

Identify, correlate and prioritize threats faster and streamline investigation with security analytics. Maintain compliance with internal and external standards (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR etc.).

A modern solution for modern apps

“Sumo Logic makes it much easier to find and then correct issues in our distributed applications. This lets our developers concentrate on creating new software rather than wasting time manually wading through logs.”

Pitney Bowes

Brett Nelson

SaaS Platform Architect

Popular GCP management apps


Google Cloud Storage

The Sumo Logic app for Google Cloud Storage continuously monitors activity in Google Cloud Storage. The easy-to-use preconfigured dashboards provide insights into request locations, bucket and object operations, user activities, errors, and bucket statistics.


Google Cloud Load Balancing

The Sumo Logic app for Google Cloud Load Balancing Google Cloud provides pre-configured dashboards to monitor load balancing activity and get full insight into request locations and volume, response codes, and request and response data by load balancer.

Google Kubernetes Engine x2

Google Kubernetes Engine

Manage your Kubernetes containers for better optimization and insights

Full visibility of your GCP environment

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