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Accelerate your SecOps processes with Cloud SOAR

Navigate the evolving threat landscape with our best-in-class security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solution to streamline incident response workflows.

Threat focus

Threat focus

Cut through the chaos of too many alerts and false positives. Sumo Logic’s Cloud SOAR takes a proactive approach toward alert investigation, collecting security data and alert information from various sources, including SIEM. It leverages machine learning to significantly reduce false positives and duplicate events, so you’re ready when real threats strike.

Tool orchestration

Tool orchestration

Cloud SOAR connects disparate tools to fully automate incident response and leave time-consuming, manual tasks behind. Playbooks highlight appropriate courses of action, reducing the time needed to remediate incidents. Automate your incident response with our adaptive SOAR solution to boost the efficiency of the entire team.

Better collaboration

Better collaboration

Cloud SOAR’s native orchestration capabilities boost the collaboration within the SOC team, ensuring efficient synergy during each phase of incident response. Automation of the full incident lifecycle eases the burden on security analysts, while helping to successfully pinpoint real threats and coordinate an effective response across tools and team members.

Customizable reports

Customizable reports

Quickly assemble highly customizable reports and dashboards to easily navigate and assess your security intelligence portfolio. Use relevant templates to capture workflow processes, job functions, and response timeframes, including critical indicators of compromise (IOC) and corrective actions taken. Use reports to create greater visibility for KPIs and make collective improvements across the SOC team.

Why Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR

Why Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR

Cloud SOAR is a technology platform that significantly empowers MSSPs, SOCs, and security teams by providing collaborative and automated real-time incident management & threat response.

  • An all-in-one platform for minimizing the response time
  • Integrate disparate technologies focusing analysts on real threats
  • Make the most of automation, orchestrating several tools in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Measure success and improve communication
Why Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR

Cloud SOAR is essential to modern security operations

Make quick and insightful decisions during security response with workflow automation.

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Speed incident response

Cloud SOAR improves incident response time with flexible workflow automation across tools and teams. Machine learning distinguishes real threats from false positives to reduce alert fatigue.

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Connect disparate tools

Cloud SOAR acts as the connective tissue between your existing tools to automate processes across the SOC and derive relevant insights throughout your security portfolio.

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Close the skill gap

Automated workflow processes help analysts function at an optimal level and reduce the skills gap that exists from the lack of qualified cybersecurity professionals.

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Comprehensive security portfolio

Cloud SOAR is part of Sumo Logic’s comprehensive security portfolio including security monitoring and analytics and Cloud SIEM, to help your organization modernize security operations.

Experience Cloud SOAR for yourself

Enable your team to focus on critical alerts while we handle the rest