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Continuous intelligence for government agencies

Sumo Logic helps make applications reliable and secure with our cloud-native, multi-tenant platform

Zero Trust goes beyond standard security

Zero Trust is a modern, strategic approach to cybersecurity that secures organizations by eliminating implicit trust and continuously validating all interactions and experiences. Zero Trust moves cyber defenses from static, network-based perimeters to focus on users, assets, applications and resources without any implicit trust to enhance posture and reduce risk. At its core, Zero Trust is a perimeterless security approach.

With Sumo Logic, federal, state and local government agencies can accelerate modern application delivery, monitor & troubleshoot in real-time, and improve their security & compliance posture with ease and confidence. Sumo Logic has numerous certifications that are needed in the federal, state, local and education space such as FedRAMP®, HIPAA, ISO 27001, FISMA & CSA Star to name a few.

Zero Trust goes beyond standard security

Sumo Logic delivers innovative capabilities to help government IT leaders provide continuous intelligence, improving citizen satisfaction and national security.


Unified insights

Consolidate siloed operations and disparate security information into a single source of truth so teams can take informed, rapid action.

Advanced Search

Real-time analysis

Improve response time by quickly identifying threats and drilling down to the underlying data sources across your entire environment.


Cloud security analytics

Collect meaningful, comprehensive analytics for investigations, response teams, and compliance.

Alert And Notify

Secure your platforms

Detect, investigate, and respond to security issues instantly across environments with a full-stack SaaS delivered SIEM.

Synthesizing operational visibility

“We're at a place where multi-tenant and cloud agnostic supported architectures have become the best, most cost-effective, and secure way to solve problems at scale in government.”

Regent Solutions, LLC

Byron Caswell

CEO and 2018 FCW Fed100 Winner

The Sumo Logic service

Our cloud-native, multi-tenant platform helps you make data-driven decisions and reduces your time to investigate security and operational issues. Sumo Logic is FedRAMP Moderate Authorized and meets the security requirements to operate across hybrid cloud environments for your AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform or Hybrid applications.

Centralized logging and metrics collection lets your DevOps team focus on the mission, not on running data collection infrastructure. Improve the speed your agency conducts audits and completes compliance investigations. Get insight into operational issues and security events with real-time dashboards, alerts, and reports. Sumo Logic’s multi-tenant architecture scales on demand to support rapid growth and cloud migration. You can burst as needed without manual intervention.

Broad support for all major cloud providers – AWS, Azure, and GCP – lets you get up and running in minutes. Native integrations with modern containerization technologies like Kubernetes and Docker lets you move forward with confidence.

The Sumo Logic service


Give security teams the tools to quickly detect, correlate, and respond to anomalous security events using integrated investigation workflows. The Sumo Logic platform is secure by design, with comprehensive security attestations.

  • Build your organization’s modern security operations center (SOC)
  • Empower security teams to easily audit and improve FISMA scores
  • Easily maintain compliance with centralized logging, continuous monitoring, and automated retention policies.


We conform to the same high standards and compliance requirements as our public sector customers, designing our platform around industry standard security certifications and attestations. Sumo Logic currently hold a FedRAMP-Moderate Authorized designation and adheres to annual audits. Security is at the forefront of everything we do.


Simplify FISMA audits with meaningful data

Give the FISMA auditors what they need: tangible data, easier to read dashboards, and continuous monitoring evidence to demonstrate compliance. Unified real-time views and alerts provide full-stack visibility into the data sources behind compliance reviews.

Sumo Logic delivers an efficient and effective log management infrastructure for Federal departments or agencies.

Simplify FISMA audits with meaningful data

Services to quickly launch your project

Confidently achieve strategic success for your project by partnering with our professional services and education teams.


Professional services

Ensure your project’s success by partnering with our expert engineering teams.

Advanced Analytics

Onsite training

In-person training with hands on labs that transforms team members into power users and admins.


Solution partners

Our solution partners can help you architect and integrate our full-stack monitoring platform.

A smarter new normal

“Multi-cloud is the new normal in government. It allows agencies to change architecture as programs and initiatives evolve. This drives a need for cloud-native monitoring and troubleshooting.”

ASRC Federal

Andrew Nebus

Director of Digital Strategy

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