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Gain insights into cloud infrastructure

Accelerate cloud migration and optimize infrastructure reliability on any cloud.

Improve your cloud infrastructure and easily manage multi-cloud environments

Accelerate cloud migration

Improve infrastructure reliability

Simplify and automate data collection

Cloud Log Management

Break down silos with a modern log management solution to improve monitoring and troubleshooting, increase security posture and gain key business insights.

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"Sumo Logic has helped us take monitoring to the next level, by identifying and predicting abnormalities even before they happen and enabling the fastest response."

Pradeep Thangavel, Engineering Manager


0.5 fewer FTEs to administer and manage solution

78% reduction in time to resolve operational issues

1.7 exabytes of data analyzed daily

AWS Monitoring

Get unified visibility of AWS services and lightning fast troubleshooting with deep AWS integrations.

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"Sumo Logic provides us instant visibility into AWS services. We were able to get AWS ELB dashboards in a few minutes, which was very impressive."

Alex Zadorozhnyi, Director of Technology


"Sumo Logic...supports all of our many data types and use cases—from optimizing our software delivery to monitoring the security of our empowers our engineers with the information they need."

Maryna Veremenko

Engineering Manager, Grammarly

Verified reviews.

Proven results.

Azure Monitoring

Eliminate blind spots with full support for Azure apps, services and modern architectures.

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"Sumo Logic has helped us take monitoring to the next level, by identifying and predicting abnormalities even before they happen and enabling the fastest response."

Joseph Leroy, Security Engineer

Pitney Bowes

GCP Monitoring

Identify critical GCP application problems proactively by easily correlating performance issues with errors and failures.

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"I was really impressed with the integration process. We went from zero to fully connected in two weeks."

Phu Ha, Security Operations Center Manager


Kubernetes Monitoring

Our native integration offers built-in monitoring, diagnostics, troubleshooting and security dashboards.

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"We’re deploying Kubernetes to give us the option of selecting the optimal blend of cloud vendors to precisely meet our needs. This would be impossible without Sumo Logic’s cloud-neutrality."

Jeremy Proffitt, Staff Site Reliability Engineer


Accelerate cloud migration

Deliver critical data insights to help you confidently plan, cutover, and optimize your cloud-based services.

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AWS Monitoring

Unified visibility of AWS services and lightning fast troubleshooting.

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Additional customers

Explore additional multi-cloud monitoring case studies.

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