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Frequently asked questions

What is an integration?

An integration is a collection of pre-built dashboards and searches that give you added insight into the operation and/or security posture of a third-party solution.

Do the integrations cost anything?

No, they're free. For most third-party integrations you need to be an existing customer of both Sumo Logic and the outside solution. For two integrations, Security Analytics Integration & Integration for PCI Compliance, we do require professional services to get started.

Can I install multiple instances of the same integration?

Yes, we support multiple instances and environments. If you're looking to run a specific integration in dev, staging, and production we support that.

Do these integrations support logs as well as metrics?

Yes, all integrations support both logs and metrics.

What if I need to do a custom integration?

Sumo is built to be flexible and scalable. You're free to run your own queries and build custom dashboards to suit your needs. If you're looking for an integration we don't currently have an out-of-the-box solution for, we take requests in the ideas portal.

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We partner with leading cloud-first solutions for monitoring, troubleshooting, and security like AWS, Google, New Relic, Okta, and more. See our current partners and apply to partner with us.

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Get an inside look into the state of the modern application technology stack, including the continued acceleration and usage of cloud and application adoption by customers during the COVID-19 global pandemic to drive digital transformation efforts.

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