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Our vision: To make the world’s digital experiences reliable and secure


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Our mission

To be the leading SaaS analytics platform for reliable & secure cloud-native apps.

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Our purpose

To empower the people who power modern, digital business.

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Our value proposition

We help customers to:

  1. Ensure application reliability
  2. Secure and protect against modern threats
  3. Gain insights into cloud infrastructures

Our values

We have a company culture passionate about making the world’s digital experience reliable and secure.

With Our Customers

We’re in it with our customers

We all play an essential part in providing a critical service that our customers, and we ourselves, depend on, creating an incredibly aligned relationship.

Light To Dark

Bring light to dark

We seek to provide transparency internally and externally, because information and context produces better decisions and removes uncertainty.

One Single Agenda

One single agenda

We celebrate individuals who put the success of the team first, leave their personal agendas at the door, and work with complete integrity with everyone.

Work With Heart

Work with heart

We respect each other, assume good intentions, embrace diverse backgrounds and thinking, and believe time with family and friends is vital to our lives and well-being.

Learning Culture

Learning culture

We take calculated risks, learn from our mistakes, iterate and do better each time; we believe disciplined, reliable execution is essential to market leadership.

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