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“We’re now able to perform high-level log analysis as well. Because we’re no longer using the previous search and analytics engine, system complexity has been resolved, and we’ve been able to reduce the charges we were paying for that.”



  • Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo


  • 70 employees


bitbank uses Sumo Logic to establish a monitoring environment for cryptocurrency exchange; significantly strengthens security and financial statement audits.

  • Challenge


    Bitbank operates its cryptocurrency (virtual currency) exchange system on AWS. They used the OSS distributed search and analytics engine for log monitoring, but the inability to perform tasks such as accurate error detection and analysis for the applications resulted in concerns about the IT control for maintaining security and financial auditing.

  • Solution


    Sumo Logic was adopted because of its excellent compatibility with AWS and the flexible resource expansion. High-speed and accurate searches became possible even with large amounts of data. Sumo Logic was adopted not only because of the software’s function to automatically structure unstructured data, but because the company has acquired ISMS, SOC2 and PCI DSS compliance certification, thus ensuring the safety of the important information being handled. Full operation was launched after approximately one month of verification in a trial environment.

  • Results


    All the logs can be collected in Sumo Logic, without prior log collection and log transformation on the application side. Logs can be searched and extracted as necessary, security has been further strengthened and the IT control response
    to financial auditing has been implemented. Efforts are underway to utilize
    Sumo Logic’s authority management function to allow the whole company, including the Development and Marketing departments, to make high-level
    use of logs.

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