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“Sumo Logic has given us the data insights needed to confidently serve the largest and most complex financial solutions.”

Biju Samuel, VP, IT and Operations



  • Atlanta, Georgia, United States


  • 400 employees

Applying Sumo Logic to machine data ensures the highest service levels for the world’s biggest financial institutions

  • Challenge


    Maintaining separate, dedicated information processing environments for financial institutions is an exceptionally intricate endeavor that generates massive amounts of machine data. Cardlytics sought a comprehensive, technology-backed strategy to aggregate and manage this information across the entire organization. The new solution would need to enable users to correct defects without requesting extensive hand-holding; it would also need to satisfy stringent support and service level obligations for the company’s most important clients.

  • Solution


    Cardlytics replaced an internally maintained open source Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK) stack with cloud-native machine data analytics platform Sumo Logic. The company immediately began ingesting machine data for billions of API transactions per day. With the upgraded application in place, Cardlytics then granted access to Sumo Logic to multiple teams within the organization.

  • Results


    Sumo Logic’s pervasive data collection and dashboards have provided instant visibility into all aspects of the company’s technology environment. Users are now able to derive value from machine data without needing assistance from IT. This has equipped customer support, developers, and operational staff with the tools they need to more quickly resolve problems - often even before customers are aware of any issues.

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