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Compliance Monitoring Platform

Native Integrations and Built-In Compliance Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Security Dashboards with new out-of-the-box compliance content. Maintain and improve compliance posture across the organization.

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Compliance Monitoring and Observability

Everything you need for compliance monitoring, in one place

Modern, cross-functional compliance teams can’t afford to miss anything when solving a problem. Sumo Logic provides out-of-the-box integrations content improving your compliance posture for PCI, HIPAA, PII, SOC, and GDPR. Our solution accelerates compliance and auditing to ensure improvements in secure systems.

Compliance Monitoring and Observability

Find and solve the most important compliance issues

“Sumo Logic has helped us effectively manage our hybrid infrastructure and accelerate innovation.”


Glenn Watt

Chief Information Security Officer


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Legacy compliance monitoring solutions require a custom one-off approach for developing relevant dashboards and queries. Our solution was built to get you quickly up and running with relevant compliance content, and allows you to navigate data from whatever perspective makes the most sense for what you are trying to do, whether you are analyzing Kubernetes, NGINX, Apache, or Linux OS data. The list goes on. With Sumo Logic, you spend time solving problems rather than wading through antiquated compliance monitoring tools.


Compliance and Security

Protect your compliance platform in real time

Your data is at risk when you don’t have visibility into security threats to your compliance monitoring system and applications. Sumo Logic gives you the top to bottom DevSecOps view. Our compliance integrations provide out-of-the-box content to improve your compliance posture for PCI, HIPAA, PII, SOC, and GDPR. You can also address compliance-related threats with Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM functionality — all on the same platform.

Compliance and Security

Protecting stored data is critical to achieving organization-level compliance

Native integrations with your favorite compliance tools

Most platform teams leverage multiple compliance tools to manage their CI/CD, operations, and security operations. Sumo Logic provides an unprecedented number of pre-built dashboards integrating data from identity access data, CDN, CI/CD, and more.

Protecting stored data is critical to achieving organization-level compliance

Accelerate compliance readiness

As soon as you’ve developed policies focused on designing and maintaining secure systems, Sumo helps you to easily track those policies and regularly test secure systems.