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Code42 Incydr App for Sumo Logic

Data risk detection and response to insider threat

Correlate threat detection and respond faster


Detect and mitigate insider risk

Detect data exfiltration across computers, cloud and email, and proactively protect data when it’s more likely to be put at risk, such as when employees are working off-network or using sanctioned or unsanctioned cloud apps to collaborate.

Monitor And Visualize

Continuously monitor data without alert fatigue

Configure Code42 Incydr’s file exposure and exfiltration events into existing Sumo Logic dashboards, or create custom dashboards to programmatically monitor exfiltration events such as cloud sync activity, web browser uploads, file sharing and removable media exposure by user.

Detect Insider Threats

Correlate insider risk insights for faster response

Efficiently correlate and disseminate risky events and pertinent investigation details to make fast and informed decisions about how to respond.