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Customer experience has increased exponentially, and our engineers are now fully empowered with insights from Sumo Logic.

Dallas Clark, Associate Manager, Software Engineering



  • United States, Sweden, Australia

Tiny advances customer experience and empowers its engineers with insights from Sumo Logic

  • Challenge


    As an organization with distributed employees and customers across the globe, Tiny has adopted a cloud-based strategy for its infrastructure. To understand how things are performing, the company relies on its logs; however, the process of managing the logs to monitor and analyze the company’s infrastructure and platform performance was inconsistent across systems.

    “Sporadic log management was one of our main challenges. We had a lot of things being monitored in AWS CloudWatch and some other systems, but then we had others logs for important systems that weren’t being collected, analyzed, or centralized. Log management, essentially, didn’t exist. When there was a pressing issue, perhaps a question from the executive team, we needed to dive into the logs on an as needed basis, which was really time consuming,” said Dallas Clark, Associate Manager, Software Engineering.

  • Solution


    To pivot to a proactive approach for its log management and analysis to gain much-needed operational insights, Clark and his team began a multi-vendor evaluation effort. “Sumo Logic stood out in our evaluation. The product’s cloud-based management along with its intuitive user interface, ease of use, and economical pricing put it at the top of our vendor list,” said Clark. “During our trial, we set up integrations to let our lead developers explore how easy it is and what it can do, and their eyes lit up when they saw the painted picture across all our services at once and see what each user did.”

  • Results


    Rolling out Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform (CIP) to integrate with Tiny’s various AWS services was a fast and streamlined process—the team had it up and running within hours, allowing the company to quickly gain full stack visibility across all of their logs in a single snapshot.

    Providing the development experience (DX) team with data to better support a positive customer experience was Tiny’s first project with the platform. With high volumes of customers accessing Tiny’s platform on a daily basis, the DX team didn’t have visibility into where customers were running into issues, and troubleshooting often took a best-guess approach that might require customers to try to replicate their issue or take several attempts to resolve the situation.

    The first big win was significant improvement in handling the company’s ~100 daily support cases. “We now have clear transparency of what our users are doing, which has increased the quality of our support and overall customer experience. With Sumo Logic, we can now track our customer’s activity across the stream of products and services we offer. When the team is handing support cases, they are now empowered to efficiently help the customer with more media-rich data as opposed to making assumptions about how the customer arrived at a particular situation,” said Clark.

    Empowering the DX Team with the data they need to properly support customers has also created a big boost in morale. “I cannot sufficiently describe the excitement that the team has experienced using Sumo Logic and being able to readily gain the visibility and insights to help our customers resolve their issues. It gives them confidence knowing exactly what happened and what steps to take to resolve the issue. It has been a real morale boost with Sumo Logic,” said Clark.

    Using Sumo Logic to gain data insights on the company’s infrastructure performance was another important area of focus for the company. With its innovative technology, Tiny powers a significant portion of the world’s websites with its web content management and editing technology, and the company’s products are downloaded by developers more than 5 million times a year.

    Sumo Logic’s log monitoring makes it possible for Tiny to collate all of their logs in a single location and apply the solution’s analysis to understand how Tiny’s whole architecture is working. “Running on a significant portion of the world’s websites we deal with a massive amount of traffic. With Sumo Logic, it’s easy to create the dashboards that give us live analysis on the traffic to see how our systems are performing, making it possible to determine if there are any bottlenecks or latency issues across our global cloud infrastructure,” said Clark.

    To maximize the value Tiny gets from Sumo Logic, next up Clark plans to have his team complete Sumo Logic training certifications. “There’s so much power in Sumo Logic, I want to encourage my team to learn the fundamentals and become experts, so they can fully leverage the product’s capabilities to consistently have a full understanding of the actions and activities across our services,” said Clark.

    Choosing Sumo Logic has been a success for Tiny. Looking ahead Clark has many more projects planned for the product. “There is so much power in what Sumo Logic can do. In the near future, we’ll be using it to provide data analysis on all our services, and we’ll be setting up relevant dashboards and alerts as we roll out those product capabilities,” said Clark.