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Why is Sumo Logic a better alternative than Datadog?

Sumo Logic provides the most comprehensive, secure and cost-effective solution for full-stack observability and security monitoring. Our unified platform gives customers full visibility into their applications and infrastructure without sacrificing fidelity due to sampling, data silos, or overages.

Sumo Logic Datadog
Advanced troubleshooting across all telemetry
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Powerful and flexible Sumo Logic query language allows searches across structured and unstructured data from metrics and traces to logs, without the need to sample data for full fidelity.

Datadog correlates sampled sets of data together using breadcrumbs, which limits data accuracy and end-to-end visibility of your digital services. Datadog lacks a query language making exploratory analysis difficult.

End-to-end Kubernetes monitoring
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Sumo Logic allows your team to navigate all the way from customer issues at the service level to platform problems at the container level.

Datadog’s infrastructure-first approach makes it very hard to trace customer issues.

APM/tracing and span analytics
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Using a common analytics engine, Sumo Logic analyzes every trace and span and enables ad-hoc analysis in order to filter, transform or aggregate the span data to deliver meaningful results - something that Datadog does not support.

Open source support, including OpenTelemetry and Telegraf
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Sumo Logic fully supports open source tools like OpenTelemetry and Telegraf to maximize flexibility with your existing collection approach and avoid vendor lock-in.

Datadog does not support Telegraf nor has production support for OpenTelemetry Collector.

Security incident detection and response
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Sumo Logic detects threats and responds to security incidents with a robust security suite.

Datadog is not a sophisticated SIEM. Its basic query language only supports simple logic/count functions in their detection rules.

Flexible licensing
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No overages. Sumo Logic offers a flexible and predictable pricing model as well as data tiering to capture all relevant application telemetry cost-effectively.

Many Datadog customers experience significant hidden costs, including those for retention and custom metrics.

Comprehensive security attestations
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Sumo Logic’s compliance-ready solutions help customers deliver services that decrease the risk of a security breach.

Datadog is not PCI compliant, which may increase the risk of a breach involving credit card or personal information.

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SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS 3.2, Privacy Shield, CSA Star & HIPAA certifications, FedRAMP-Moderate Authorized

SOC 2 Type 2, CSA STAR, HIPAA, FedRAMP-Moderate Authorized

“We want to move our observability for K8s off of AppDynamics and Datadog to Sumo Logic.”

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Unified Application Observability

Sumo Logic’s full-stack observability suite provides:

Adaptive analytics
Analytics on all structured and unstructured application data including transaction traces, logs and metrics.

Powerful query language and user-friendly UX
Explore all data and find the unknown unknowns using pattern detection with AI/ML.

Open source collection
Works with OpenTelemetry, Telegraf, and other open source tools.

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Simple and transparent licensing

Sumo Logic’s licensing model differs from Datadog and provides:

Price transparency
Eliminates license waste and on-demand overage bills.

Single licensing model—no need to license every product or functionality.

Flexible data tiering
Cost-effectively index all your data without sacrificing performance on our secure and compliant platform.

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Most comprehensive security portfolio

Listed as a visionary in the SIEM Gartner Magic Quadrant, Sumo Logic supports the entire spectrum of security use cases:

Cloud Security Monitoring & Analytics
Out-of-the-box apps and integrations for security and compliance content, for both cloud and on-premise data sources.

Cloud SIEM
Automatically triage alerts and correlate threats across your entire environment.

Cloud SOAR
Take your security to the next level with security orchestration, automation and response.

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